WIC Survival Guide Chapter 5: Research

How to Find What You Need

Your previous research strategies may not be enough for you to succeed in your WIC course research assignment. Each discipline may have its own methodology, so don’t be afraid to ask your professor or your subject librarian for help. The OSU library has research tutorials that guide you through your research, as well as a general research guide for undergraduates, research guides by subject, and an A-Z list of databases.

At the university level, the kind of research you do and the sources you need are often defined by the type of assignment you’re given. Here is a list of media you may encounter during your research process:

Field research Lab research
Scholarly journals Internet
Magazines Books
Interviews Newspapers (older versions on microfiche)
Maps Government records
Films Videos
Documentaries Television
Surveys Archives

Students are sometimes frustrated when a source they want is not available from the library. If this happens, remember that you are able to order sources from the following: