Eating-to-Learn Seminars! The WIC Spring 2013 Lunch Schedule

Eating-to-Learn Seminars! The WIC Spring 2013 Lunch Schedule

by Team WIC

We are excited and enthusiastic to announce the topics, guest speakers, and schedule for the WIC Spring 2013 Lunches.  This spring, all lunches will be held in Milam 215 from noon to 1 p.m.  If you would like to RSVP for any particular one, please click the "Register for this seminar here" text that follows the description of the seminar you wish to attend; you may of course attend more than one seminar.  If you have any questions regarding the seminars, please contact WIC at WIC Program.  As always, delicious pizza, beverages, and other snacks are on us!

Friday, April 12

Web and Document Accessibility Techniques

Gabriel Merrell (Office of Equity and Inclusion)

Disabilities may hinder students’ ability to navigate and engage with the web and other documents essential to their education.  It is paramount that all resources be made available and accessible to students with disabilities.  Our presenter will discuss and provide resources on how to create, ensure, and affirm equal access and equal opportunity to all students.  Register for this seminar here.

Friday, April 26

Teaching Science and Professional Writing: An Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion

Christine Pastorek (Chemistry), Ehren Pflugfelder (School of Writing, Literature, and Film), Allen Sprague (WIC)

The coherent transmission and communication of ideas is essential to science writing, technical writing, and students’ professional development as writers and speakers across disciplines.  Three panel presenters will offer ideas, insights, and strategies for helping students write as professionals in the field.  Register for this seminar here.

Friday, May 3

Helping Students Make Sense of Fair Use

Sue Kunda (Valley Library)

As discussed in Sue Kunda’s Winter 2013 newsletter article, fair use is “both a blessing and a curse for educators … So if we’re confused about copyright, what about our students?”  Our presenter discusses how we help students think critically about using copyrighted materials, and provides a helpful framework to guide students and additional useful sources on the topic.  Register for this seminar here.

Friday, May 17

Cultural Rhetoric in the Writing Classroom

Rebecca Valdovinos (INTO)

For all students, the culture in which they grow up influences their writing; this is called “contrastive rhetoric.”  This presentation identifies the topic as “cultural rhetoric,” and recognizes, discusses, and offers insights into this important, sensitive subject as a fundamental element to all students’ development as writers in a diverse world.  Register for this seminar here.