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  • Bacc Core Review of WIC in Three Colleges: Results

    In an article in this issue, Kevin Gable, Chair of the Baccalaureate Core Committee (BCC), describes the process and data used by the Bacc Core Committee in determining whether WIC courses in colleges under review will be recertified.  Reviewed in 2013-14 were Colleges of Agricultural Sciences, College of Business, and College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

  • As the digital world becomes more and more a part of the academic landscape, the ways in which we teach writing must adapt. Many instructors already teach online courses, and almost everyone uses Blackboard or Canvas in some way to supplement face-to-face teaching. Yet, as the climate of the university changes, shouldn’t our pedagogical methods also change?

  • Category review by the Baccalaureate Core Committee is an important element of maintaining the Bacc Core as a a vital piece of the OSU undergraduate curriculum.  The committee considers a variety of information about a course: data extracted from BANNER regarding the group of students served by the course...

  • The WIC program and staff would like to congratulation the participants of the 2014 WIC Fall Seminar. After five weeks together of discussions, collaborative learning, and lecture, we are now proud to have these faculty members as part of the WIC community.

  • In early December, OSU Libraries is transitioning to a new library system for finding books, articles and other information resources. Our change to the new system has been postponed from the original December 1st date but we will soon have a separate link to the new library search tool on our web site to encourage exploration prior to the complete switchover sometime in mid-December.

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