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  • Vicki Tolar BurtonBy Vicki Tolar Burton, Director, Writing Intensive Curriculum

    First Impressions from Bacc Core Committee Assessment of WIC Courses          

    The Baccalaureate Core Committee (BCC) is charged with periodic review of all courses in the Bacc Core.  Now involved in a seven-year review cycle, the BCC is reviewing WIC courses by college, reviewing about 25 courses per year.  The first round of reviews includes the Colleges of Agricultural Sciences (CAS), Business (COB), and Public Health and Human Sciences (CPHHS). This review is not complete in that the BCC has not yet completed discussions or re-certified any courses under review; but some general observations can be made based on early data available. 

  • Phil Harding

    By Jillian Clark, WIC Intern and Summer Wimberly, WIC GTA

    WIC intern Jillian Clark and WIC GTA Summer Wimberly interview CBEE Professon Phil Harding on his approach to teaching WIC. 




  • culture

    By WIC Team

    Along with flowers blooming and more sun shining, Spring is the time to nominate students for the Culture of exceptional student writing, communicating to both the student and the university that good writing matters in all subject areas. Writing Award. The award is a way units across the disciplines can recognize and praise.




  • 10 second timerBy Jillian Clark, WIC Intern

    A brief look at what WIC faculty are naming as strategies working well in their classrooms.




  • Pizza

    By Summer Wimberly, WIC GTA 

    We at WIC are excited to announce that WIC’s Spring lunch seminars are coming up quickly. This year’s topics are lively, and we are looking forward to the conversations to be had. All lunches this year are being held on Friday in Milam 215 from 12 to 1pm. As always, delicious American Dream pizza and beverages will be provided.

  • accepted stamp

    By Summer Wimberly, WIC GTA

    A notice of recent student publications from WIC classes.





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