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    By Vicki Tolar Burton, WIC Director

    Faculty who have taken the WIC Seminar may remember Donald A. Daiker’s powerful article, “Learning to Praise” (1989)...Daiker says, “Perhaps we need to go back to school ourselves to learn how to recognize what merits praise in student writing.”

  • We at WIC are excited to announce that our Spring Lunch Series is coming up quickly. This year’s topics are lively, and we are looking forward to the conversations ahead. All lunches this year are being held on Friday in Milam 215 from 12 to 1pm.

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    By: Jacob Day, WIC GTA

    As many of you may already know, OSU is transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas. Many instructors have already started using Canvas, but everyone will be required to make the leap by the end of 2016. These types of transitions can be difficult for some instructors, especially if they are a little less tech savvy or comfortable with the current system.

  • By August Baunach

    As Oregon State University becomes increasingly a world-class institution, it attracts more international students.

    According to OSU’s own enrollment statistics1, the international student population has grown from a low of 4.6% [Fall 2006] to 11.1% [Fall 2014]. This demographic transition means that “World Englishes”—a term used to describe emerging varieties of English—are alive and well on the Corvallis campus. How do the multilingual international students adapt to their WIC courses and the culture of writing at OSU?

  • By Jordan Terriere

    On Friday, February 13th, the WIC Advisory Board met. Faculty from departments across the university were in attendance, along with the Writing Intensive Curriculum team. Topics covered in the board meeting included the Baccalaureate Core review of the College of Engineering’s writing intensive courses, writing intensive class sizes, and thesis as WIC.

  • As spring term arrives, please remember to nominate outstanding undergraduate student essays for a WIC Culture of Writing Award. Recognizing exceptional student writing communicates to our students and the university that good writing matters in every discipline.


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