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WIC in Action—Updates from the Fall WIC Seminar

WIC Faculty Seminar Graduates 2013

By Elizbeth Summer Wimberly, WIC GTA

The WIC program and staff would like to give a warm, heartfelt congratulation to the participants in the 2013 WIC Fall Seminar. After five weeks together of discussions, thoughtful considerations, along with a few honest misgivings, we are proud to have these faculty members as part of the WIC community.

This year’s seminar took a telling turn as many members were interested in the intersection of WIC and teaching online courses. The growing interest in online teaching has been a hot topic nationwide as many colleges and universities, Oregon State included, expand their online course offerings. As such, the fall seminar participants had many lively, professionally critical discussions. Through considering how key elements of a WIC course, such as writing to learn activities, could be utilized in an online realm, participants sparked a dialog likely to continue throughout future WIC events and across the greater WIC and University communities.

It was a privilege and pleasure sharing the learning space of the WIC Fall Seminar. This year’s participants were:

  • Sarah Cunningham (Anthropology)
  • Michelle Dolgos (Chemistry)
  • Susie Dunham (Fisheries and Wildlife)
  • Evan Durland (Fisheries and Wildlife)
  • Julia Goodwin (Music)
  • Celeste King (INTO)
  • Chris Knowles (Wood Science and Engineering)
  • Devlin Montfort (Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering)
  • Jan Spitsbergen (Microbiology)
  • Su Sponaugle (Zoology)
  • Mark Novak (Zoology)
  • Eli Meyer (Zoology)
  • Sam Van Laningham (Cascades—Geology)

We were excited to work with you and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.

Sun, 11/24/2013

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