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Fall 2012

  • By Vicki Tolar BurtonWIC Director Vicki Tolar Burton

    What do OSU students mean when they say a professor does “PowerPoint Karaoke”? (As you might guess, it is not a good thing.) To find out, read our interview with Associate Director of Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC), Jon Dorbolo, entitled “Web Writing, Textual Mash-Ups, and Death by PowerPoint: A Conversation with Jon Dorbolo.” Jon shares his views on the intellectual cost of PowerPoint’s default setting, which reduces everything to bullet points. He also discusses teaching online and suggests ways to use visual tools like mind-maps to help students comprehend the structure of articles they are reading and to structure their own writing.

  • By Allen Sprague                                                                                                                                              WIC GTA Allen Sprague sits down with TAC Associate Director in Waldo Hall's new faculty collaboration zone.

    As a frequent collaborator with WIC, Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC) Associate Director and philosophy instructor Jon Dorbolo sees connections between the teaching of writing, his philosophy pedagogy, and the uses of instructional technology. When he began at OSU in 1987, Jon found that students in his introductory philosophy course were bored with the content, so he began assessing students’ philosophical interests and assigning readings based on those interests. Some students read Plato and Thomas Hobbes while others read St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. His goal to enhance the students’ learning experience came with an exhausting paperwork load.

  • By Zach Pajak                                                                                                                                        Revising Teaching through Writing

    The Fall 2012 WIC Faculty Seminar had aboard an astonishing group of instructors.  An especially warm and communal group, their eager nature helped us chart an impressive richness of insights for what is possible in WIC courses and the writing classroom.  In short, their students are lucky to have them, and they helped make the WIC seminar a lively learning experience.

  • By Uta Hussong-Christian and Stefanie Buck                                                                                          Taking Notes on a Mobile Device

    Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are awesome! You can surf the web and read a book and check your email and do so many other fun things to distract you from your work. They can, however, also be very productive tools. In addition to apps like Pages (word processing app) and Keynote (presentation app) there are a range of apps to help you do your research. As researchers, we read many journal articles in the PDF format and we want to take notes on what we read and highlight certain key passages.  Decimating the tree population so that you can print out and mark-up all the articles you want is not a very environmentally friendly option.

  • By Allen Sprague                                                                                                             Charting the Way through Disciplinary Writing

    As a follow-up to our spring 2012 individual conversations with faculty in the twelve departments that have developed a writing guide for their students, WIC recently hosted a lunch for faculty interested in updating and/or increasing usage of their guides. The lunch conversation focused on how the guides can most effectively address student writing needs within the disciplines.

  • OSU finally has an informative website dedicated to the Baccalaureate Core.  With an abundance of information and tools for students, faculty, advisors, and families, you will want to make this site a favorite.  

  • In winter term, the Bacc Core Committee will be hosting 2 Assessment Workshops especially for teachers of WIC courses that will be undergoing Category Review by the Bacc Core Committee in 2013.

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