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By Vicki Tolar Burton

Fair Use, English Language Learners, and More

We first learned of Digital Access Librarian Sue Kunda’s deep knowledge of fair use of copyrighted material at a WIC lunch last May.  Sue’s insightful questions about visual literacy and her contributions on fair use of images led us to invite her to write an article on fair use for this newsletter.  In her article "Helping Students Make Sense of Fair Use," Sue shares information that will strengthen teaching and writing at OSU.  Students who borrow text and images from sources need instruction in fair and ethical use of the material, instruction they will need to receive from their WIC teachers.  Sue Kunda gives us a fair use primer—perfect for our spring courses.

The INTO Pathways are leading more and more students to WIC courses, which means that WIC teachers must respond to the new challenges presented by this growing cadre of international writers in our classrooms.  In her article “Working with L2 Students,” Galina Romantsova, English Language Learning Coordinator for the Writing Center, encourages all OSU teachers to consider ways to reduce cultural bias in course design and to adjust responding to and grading the writing of ELL students in ways that are fair and reasonable.  Have you heard the term “writing with an accent”?  Read Galina’s article to learn more.

Spring is the season for the WIC Culture of Writing Awards in the disciplines.  Please remind your school or department to begin gathering nominees for the best undergraduate paper written in your unit this year.  Find details in “Call for Culture of Writing Award Nominations."

And please join us for the 2013 WIC Spring Lunch Series.  All faculty are invited, and we’ll buy the pizza.  Just RSVP by noon the Thursday before the lunch to 2013 WIC Spring Lunch Series.

Fri, 03/15/2013

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