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Winter 2012

  • by Vicki Tolar Burton, Director

    With the arrival of spring term, OSU academic units will have the opportunity to recognize their best undergraduate writers with the WIC Culture of Writing Award in the discipline.  Units even get matching funds from the WIC program!  Our goal this year is to simplify the process by which students receive the monetary awards by establishing one protocol which can be applied through any business center.

  • by Michael Shum

    Mark Edwards did not set out to be a sociologist, but when he realized he had no greater vision for using his Food Science degree from UC-Davis than to contribute to the industrial food system—“making a better Twinkie,” as he puts it—he decided to shift focus, taking a job as a chaplain for an interdenominational Christian student group at Chico State University.

  • by Zachary Pajak

    Ann Marie VanDerZanden (WIC Faculty Seminar '99), believes that infusing her Horticulture and Landscape Design class at Iowa State University with reflective writing assignments improves student performance both on her final and in the horticulture major overall, by providing students with their own means to learn and deploy the technical language of their discipline.

  • by Team WIC

    We’re extremely excited to announce the topics, guest speakers, and schedule for the WIC Spring 2012 Lunches.  This spring, all lunches will be held in Milam 215 from noon to 1 p.m.  If you have any inquiries regarding the lunches or would like to RSVP for any particular one, please contact Michael Shum at shumm@onid.orst.edu.  As always, delicious American Dream pizza and beverages are on us!

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