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WIC Culture of Writing Award Winners


     Department             Student & Title                                     Course                          Nominated By

Design and the Human Environment

Ashley Nored

“Urban Sprawl”

DHE 481

Leslie Davis Burns


Jackie Morgon

“The Fall of Man in Everyman

ENG 312

Tara Williams

Public Health

Elisa Rosenlund

“Healthy Relationships Now and Forever”

H 476

Karen Elliott

School of Civil and Construction Engineering

Hussain Albaghli, Eric Horbatiuk, Benjamin Lawton, Jeffrey Sublet, Travis Thonstad

“Willamette Falls Locks Rehabilitation”

CE 418

Franklin Sherkow

BioResource Research

Andrew J. Larkin

“Method Development for Extraction and Purification of Dermal RNA from FVB/N Mice Treated with Environmental PAH Mixtures”

BRR 403

Katharine G. Field

CLA American Studies (Cascades Campus)

Raime Hedman

“The Nature of Walls and the Gathering Power of Humanity”

ENG 482

Neil Browne


Pamela Lundeberg


PSY 301

Aurora Sherman

Fisheries and Wildlife

Bryce Siegel

“Sometimes Zero is More”

FW 435

Tiffany Garcia

Human Development and Family Sciences

Krista Stangel

“Enhancing Social Skills of Kids with Autism in the General Education Classroom”

HDFS 361

Sue Palsbo


Tegan H. Emerson




Margaret-Rose “Rosie” Leung

"Non-Lethal Conservation Strategies for Red Squirrels Threatened by Grey Squirrels"



Honors College

AnnaRose Adams

“Response of Reef Fish Assemblages to Overgrowth of the Hydrocoral Millepora complanata by the crutose alga Ramicrusta sp.”

Honors Thesis

Mark Hixon

Thu, 06/02/2011

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