Proposals and Guidelines

Approved WIC Courses

Approved WIC courses are listed by college in the printed Schedule of Classes (near the front with the other Bacc Core Courses) and in the Bacc Core section of the On-line Course Catalog.

WIC Guidelines

The Faculty Senate has established guidelines that all writing-intensive courses must follow. The purpose of these guidelines is to articulate what a WIC course at OSU should include and to ensure that students have a consistently rigorous writing intensive experience no matter what their major. The WIC guidelines require that students learn to use informal writing as a mode of learning course content and that they gain experience and proficiency in writing in their discipline. 

Units wishing to use the thesis as their WIC course should follow the Bacc Core WIC Thesis Option guidelines.

WIC Course Approval Process

WIC course approval follows these steps:

  • The academic unit identifies an existing course that will gain WIC designation or proposes a new course that will gain WIC designation.
  • The proposal author prepares and submits an electronic request for the desired WIC course designation via the on-line OSU Curriculum Proposal System.

    —> For help on proposal writing, see below for the "Qualities of a Strong WIC Syllabus and Proposal" checklist. Both docx and pdf formats are attached.

    —> For a step-by-step description of the on-line proposal submission process, see "Submitting Curriculum Proposals."

  • When the proposal has been submitted in the online system, the appropriate department chair/head, the dean, and the College Curriculum Committee chair are notified via e-mail that a proposal is awaiting their approval. If the course is a crosslisted course, each participating department/college must approve the proposal.
  • The College Curriculum Committee reviews, signs off, and sends the proposal to the Dean.
  • The Dean reviews and sends the proposal to the Curriculum Coordinator for Undergraduate Academic Programs, who then sends the proposal to the WIC Director.
  • The WIC Director reviews the proposal for compliance with WIC Guidelines and works with the proposer on revisions as necessary.
  • The WIC Director recommends approval by the Baccalaureate Core Committee (BCC). The BCC reviews the proposal and approves or denies.
  • The Curriculum Coordinator for Undergraduate Academic Programs, notifies the Department, Dean, WIC Director, and Catalog of approval.

Tracking Your WIC Proposal

Once a proposal reaches the Curriculum Coordinator, its progress can be tracked here.