Why is class size limited to 20-25 students in a WIC course?

Why does OSU require every student to take a Writing Intensive (WIC) course at the upper division?

Where can students get extra help with their writing?

What paperwork do I have to submit to establish a WIC course?

What other writing course are students required to take?

What are the criteria for a course to qualify as Writing Intensive?

What are some examples of using informal ungraded or minimally graded writing as a mode of learning course content?

If my course requires a great deal of writing, doesn't that make it Writing Intensive by definition?

If I'm not an expert in grammar, how can I give feedback on writing?

Have most OSU students been trained in using online sources for research?

Does the WIC teacher need to closely edit students' drafts?

Do students in WIC courses have to write using outside sources?

Can students give each other feedback on drafts?

Can any faculty member propose a WIC course?