Comprehensive Web Sites

In addition to the Oregon State University WIC site, here are links to other comprehensive sites covering a variety of topics important to teachers of writing. Many of these sites include links to more online resources and best practices for the teaching of writing. These are useful reference points for general resources and ideas for writing teachers.

Gabriel Merrell's 2013 WIC Spring Lunch presentation on equal access and opportunity across the curriculum.

Designing Rubrics and Assessing Student Writing

This section includes links to specific examples of effective writing rubrics that can be adapted for use across various disciplines.

Devising Effective Writing Assignments

These resources provide guidelines on creating clear and purposeful writing assignments as well as information about effective assignment scaffolding.

Working with English Language Learners

This section contains a link to a variety of resources to help teachers work with English language learners. The link include quizzes, activities, and assignments for language learning students, as well as language-specific quizzes to improve English vocabulary.


These links provide information on common errors in language usage as well as more resources for teaching grammar to students.

Giving Effective Presentations

This section contains links to information and resources on presentation skills and effective speeches. The information includes tips for giving presentations in academic settings and strategies for developing an engaging presentation style.

Assigning Peer Review

The resources in this section include tips and strategies for teachers who wish to design effective and impactful peer review assignments for writing classrooms across the curriculum. The section includes links for assigning both in-class and online peer review activities.

Guiding Student Research

This section includes resources for both teachers and students to help students in their research projects. The resources include information on writing and presenting research, citation styles (including MLA, APA, Chicago, and CBE), and using online source material. The websites also include tutorials, activities, and sample student writing that may be helpful for teachers.

Using Informal Writing To Learn

These sites provide an explanation of writing-to-learn and example writing-to-learn activities. Particularly useful for the sciences, these resources are great for planning small but impactful writing activities to include in the classroom.