Culture of Writing Awards

WIC Culture of Writing Award in the Disciplines

In order to recognize and value excellence in student writing at OSU, each spring the Writing Intensive Curriculum program offers the WIC Culture of Writing Awards in the Disciplines, with $50 matching funds from WIC to any department that wishes to offer an undergraduate writing prize.

The awards are administered and awarded within each participating department, with the department selecting the best student paper written in their undergraduate courses. The award may be given to a paper written in a Writing Intensive course or in another undergraduate course in the department. The name of the award is department- specific, for example, the WIC Culture of Writing Award in Forest Engineering or the WIC Culture of Writing Award in Political Science.

Why give writing awards in the disciplines? This recognition sends a message to undergraduates and to the university community that excellence in writing matters in the department, that excellence in writing is recognized by the faculty, and that excellence in writing is rewarded. For many students, even knowing that a professor has nominated their paper for a departmental writing award is a significant form of recognition and a source of pride.

Awardees are selected by the faculty within each discipline because the qualities of excellent writing are discipline-specific. As departments assess the best writing by their undergraduates, faculty have an opportunity to more clearly articulate what aspects of writing are highly valued in their field. The WIC Culture of Writing Awards are designed to help create a Culture of Writing in the university, where good writing is taught, practiced, modeled, valued, and recognized both within classes and in the university as a whole. The WIC program promotes the goal of OSU becoming a Culture of Writing as a university, and the goal of each department creating a Culture of Writing for their students.

How to Nominate a Paper

We've streamlined the process this year in order to improve the overall functionality and efficiency for all parties and to ensure that recipients receive their awards in the most timely and reliable manner. 

  1. Select the best paper written by an undergraduate in your department in the past year (the manner in which a paper is selected is completely at the department's discretion--some employ award committes for this task).
  2. Fill out the nomination form.  You will need the following information about the recipient:  the name of the nominating professor; the student's name, student ID, address, phone, e-mail, major, and date of graduation; the title of the paper and the course in which the paper was written; the student's hometown and hometown newspaper, if available; and, most importantly, the departmental fund out of which the matching $50 from your department will be taken.
  3. Submit the form to Julie Howard by 5pm PST, June 1, 2015.  We'll take care of the rest!

After the award is processed by UABC, the $100 prize ($50 from WIC and $50 from the departmental fund noted on the nomination form) will be deposited in the recipient's student account within ten to fifteen business days.

Special note about team projects:  If your department would like to recognize a paper written collaboratively through a team project, please contact Vicki Tolar Burton to discuss how the prize monies should be disbursed among team members.

Culture of Writing Award Departmental Nomination Form

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