Culture of Writing Award Winners


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Erin Armstrong Animal and Rangeland Sciences Elective Gonadectomy In Cats and Dogs
Leah Biesack Creative Writing Hot Bothered Quiet
McKenzie J. Brown Psychology Exploring the Relationship Between Mindfulness and Independence in Individuals with Disabilities
Margaret Brundage Merchandising Management The Style and Influence of Wallis, Duchess of Windsor
Elizabeth Cantu Economics The Impact of School Accountability on Student Outcomes
Carrie Chan Zoology Research Project: Analysis of Mechanical Stress and its Effects on Determinate Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) Fruit Yield
Rachel A Dodge Public Health A School Based Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program for American Indian/Alaska Native Children of Jefferson County, Oregon
Tyler Doyle Chemistry Synthesis and Characterization of Molecular Sieve Zeolite 5A

Antoine Godefroid

Civil Engineering Individual Design Report
Reese Kunitzer American Studies Where God Ends and AI Begins
Eduardo Lopez Religious Studies The Web of Relationships: How Experiences Shape a Transcendent Though Invisible Bond
Kayla McDowell Environmental Sciences The Direct and Indirect Effects of Barred Owl Competition on Northern Spotted Owls
Gareth Miller
Rabecka Moffit
Sara Vanaken
Electrical and Computer Engineering Group 32- Baja Strain Gauge Controller
Autumn Moore Agricultural Sciences The Benefits & Risks of Raw and Pasteurized Milk
Roman Quick Sociology Talking Down To You: Dynamics of Social Climbing and Teaching at Climbing Gyms
Timothy Reynolds Environmental Sciences Bringing Conservation Home: Building ecosystem resilience within urban spaces
Mallory Schiebel Kinesiology The Use of Virtual Reality to Improve Gait in those with Parkinson’s Disease
Zachary Smith History Plutarch’s Educational Theory on Advisors, Anger, and Peace of Mind
Ibrahim Syed Music The Übermunch: Sexuality, Ice Spice, and Nietzsche’s “Will to Power”
Joseph Takach Math Constant Negative Curvature: Uniformity Without Symmetry
Joseph Takach Physics Hamiltonian Truncation Applied to Lattice f4 Theory
Faith M. Townsend Oceanography Graduate research proposal: The impact of warming winter temperatures on kelp in the Beaufort Sea
Logan Verplancke Architectural Engineering Individual Design Report
Lucas Yao English Looking Back to Look Forward: How Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments examines queerness in the past to provide hope for the future of queer existence
Tarek Youngapelian German Nirgendwo in Afrika: Flucht, Heimat und Identität unter dem Einfluss der „Rassenhierarchie“
(Nowhere in Africa: Flight, Home and Identity under the Influence of Racial Hierarchy)


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Ryaan Akmal BioHealth Sciences Grant Proposal Prospectus for the Testing of Bacteriophages Against Drug-Resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae in a Mouse Model
Robert Avery Mathematics Combinatorial Games on Knot Shadows
Sullivan Bailey-Darland Physics Model effectiveness in time-resolved spectroscopy: new statistical approaches to uncertainty and model selection for global analysis
Mckenzie Bartles Religious Studies Blavatsky, Olcott, and Theosophy: Appropriation or Appreciation
Samuel Basset Biochemistry and Biophysics Modern Day Snake Oil: Science-based recommendations for US policy makers regarding stricter regulation of homeopathic products in the modern marketplace
Gabriel Bendat Environmental Economics and Policy A Benefit-Cost Analysis of the Demarcation of Indigenous Territories in Brazil
Samantha Caltabiano Anthropology Roll for Initiative: Dungeons & Dragons as Contemporary Folklore
Taylor Cockrell Environmental Sciences New Zealand’s Subtropical North Island Climate

Jordan Denbo
Joshua Spencer
Renee Waldren

Psychology The Effects Of Laptop’s Distraction On Learning
Cydney Diaz Agricultural and Food Business Management AEC 442 Agricultural Business Management Final Exam
Jade Ehmig History Memories of Descendants
Charlotte Epps BioResource Research Exploring the Growth Habits of Sweetpotatoes (Ipomoea batatas) in the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon
Emily Gallegos Animal Sciences Quality of Life for Farmed Fish
Casandra Guiley Public Health- Health Promotion and Health Behavior Option Bethel Obesity Prevention: Centering Culture as a Protective Factor Adaptation of a health education program for Indigenous women in rural Alaska
Adriana Gutierrez English The Viewer and the Spectacle: How the “Sensitive Monster” is Born in The Moonstone
Makeana Johnson Human Development and Family Sciences Changing Childcare
Madelyn Kennedy Kinesiology Does multi-ingredient pre-workout supplementation improve strength training performance when consumed prior to a workout?
Taylor Linsday Chemistry Zeolite 5A: Synthesis and Characterization of Structure, Composition, Purity, and Porosity
Zoe Moulton Music The French Aristocrat and the Spanish Gypsy: Historiographical Perceptions of Female Guitarists in Nineteenth-century Spain and France”
Ziani Paiz Rangeland Sciences Subirrigated Bottomland Ecological Site in the Shortgrass Prairie
Rose Roberts Crop and Soil Science Coffee and Climate Change: Predicaments and Possible Solutions for Farmers in Latin America
Hunter Sapienza Biology Blood Electrolyte Concentrations for Loons in Rehabilitative Care Housed in Pools of Varying Salinity
Channon Schuerger Sociology Where the Lost Fantasies Go: The Lasting Effects of College Social Experiences
Zoe Shulevitz Economics Mental Health[care]: How Increasing Health Insurance’s Mental Health Coverage Effects Frequency of Mental Health Related Hospital Visits and Suicide Rates
Ojas Tendolkar Electrical and Computer Engineering Display Block Validation Paper
Austin Thornton Creative Writing Evidence on the Matter of My Parents; Exhibit B:


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Samantha Bleu Amador BioResource Research Toxicity Screening of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Primary Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells
Bailey Bennett Integrative Biology Effect of Oxytocin on Separation Anxiety in Dogs
Chantel Berger Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering Hydrodynamics and Mooring Team Report
Ratna Bhupalam Public Heath--Health Promotion & Health Behavior Option Youth Vaping Epidemic: LGBTQ+ Youth
Cameron Clonch Physics Measuring Bubble Pressure in Glacier Ice
Colleen Cooper
Brady Goracke
Erin Hogan
Psychology Value Affirmation For Pre-Teenagers: Counteracting The Effects Of Stereotype Threat On Academic Performance In Middle Schoolers
Kelly Criglow Anthropology Clovis: A Cultural Revolution across a Continent
Shea Fleetwood BioResource Research Soil Fire Ecology: Assessing Wildfire Severity Impacts on Pacific Northwest Forest Soil Carbon
Kevin Foster Economics The Impact of Housing First on Homeless Housing and Mental Health Outcomes
Kaylee Graham Speech Communication The Rhetorical Situation of Climate Change
Robert Harris Music Afrofuturism: A New Lens for Contemporary Music
Courtney Hunt Religious Studies The Expression Which is Religion
Claire Johnston Civil Engineering Desalination Design Proposal
Madeline Kaspari German Irgendwo in der Welt: Heimat aus der Flüchtlingsperspektive im Film Nirgendwo in Afrika
Carlo A. Schettini Mejia Chemistry Physical Parameter Determination for HCl/DCl from Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Mike Murphy Kinesiology Beating the curve: insulin sensitization in response to exercise
Darlene Nguyen Ethnic Studies ’Come Home With Us’: An Analysis of Race in Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari
Josie O’Harrow Philosophy Brilliant Interdependence
James Phillips Sociology Barriers of Food Security: How Knowledge and Stigma May Impact Food Security Program Utilization
Kaj Porter English How to Catch a Toad
Griffin Puls Forest Engineering My Connection to “The Mitchell Woods”
Maxwell Siebersma Math The Geometry of the Penrose Diagram for Minkowski Spacetime
Morgan Smith Animal Sciences Ethical keeping of pet cats: a comparison of indoor confinement vs. outdoor access
Robert Swart History The Supreme Court, The Civil Rights Cases, and Judicially Sanctioned Racial Discrimination in Post-Civil War
Samantha Arroyo Villanueva  Electrical & Computer Engineering Design Impact Assessment 
Jessica Xu Environmental Economics and Policy Does the implementation of a national highway toll in China generate net benefits or costs to society?


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Maria Baker Environmental Sciences Cold Desert Climatology of the Patagonia Steppe in Argentina
Kendrea Beers Religious Studies Embodied Wisdom in Mahāyāna Buddhism and Orthodox Christianity
Grace Burks Agricultural Sciences Attracting Pacific Northwest Pawpaw (Asimina Triloba) Pollinators Through Dual-Use Production Management 
Genevieve Connolly Math Using Euclidean Geometry to Construct Objects in the Elliptic Klein Disk
Katrina Doggett Animal Sciences The Racehorse Industry: ethical and welfare considerations of standard practices
Kendyl Druffel Management Personal Ethical Action Plan
Christopher Egyed Geography & Geospatial Science Describing the Climate of the Lake Superior Basin: The Influence of Continentality and the Great Lakes on a Humid Continental Climate
Sarah Ellis Business Administration Personal Ethical Action Plan
Maire K. Hargaden Economics Does Universal Early Childcare Affect Academic Outcomes?
Tiffany Huestis Entrepreneurship Personal Ethical Action Plan
Christina Jackson Human Development and Family Sciences Capital vs. Capability: Evaluation in Early Childhood Education
Erin Jackson Rangeland Sciences Starkey Experimental Forest and Range Prescribed Grazing Plan, Union County, OR
Jared Jensen Integrative Biology RESEARCH PROJECT: Mosquito Sensory Modulation -- Effects of a striped pattern and olfactory cues on mosquito host-seeking behaviors
Duncan Sean Kemp Political Science The Economic Path Dependency of Foreign Extraction Duration: Why Colonialism Still Matters
Evaggelos Klonis German 100 Dinge: Wie entkommt man der hedonistischen Tretmühle?
Grace Knutsen History Colonial Combatants: Moroccan Soldiers in the Twentieth-Century French Army
Nicole Kotwasinski Business Information Systems Personal Ethical Action Plan
Rhythm Kristich Psychology The Impact of Political Ideology on Aggression and Compassion
Alissa Liu Music The Cultivation of Social Harmony: A Discussion of Tradition in Chinese Contemporary Styles and Popular Music
Suzi McConnell Marketing Personal Ethical Action Plan
Andrew McKelvey Chemistry Condensation of 4-tert-butylbenzophenone via Friedel-Crafts Acylation and Characterization of the Synthesized Product.
Tristan Mitchell  Philsophy Scientific Realism and Trust as a Remedy for Coronavirus Vaccine Skepticism
Dhrushil Patel International Business Personal Ethical Action Plan
Ana R. Pearse Art Marina Abramović’s Rhythm O: Reimagining the Roles of Artist and Observer
Richard Puro Physics Photodimerization of Organic Semiconductors in the Strong Coupling Regime
Madeleine Reyes Agricultural and Food Business Management Economic Analysis of Policy Options for Water Scarcity in California Agriculture
Juriana E. Barboza Sagrero  BioResource Research Guinea pig model of mild hyperandrogenemia – is it a suitable model for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)? A pilot study.
Katie Sawtelle Health Promotion & Health Behavior Women’s Health Narratives: A Cervical Cancer Prevention Program for College-Age Women in Portland, Oregon
Jay Sharpe Forestry Cooperating to Address the Risk of Wildland Fire: A Policy Brief
Ranyu (Sienna) Shi

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Neural Prosthetic Hand Design Impact Assessment
Joshua Stickrod English Intertextual Revisionism: Recontextualizing The Eurocentric Literary Tradition In Hannah Crafts’s The Bondwoman’s Narrative
Whitney Thaler Sociology Student Debt and the Alteration of Adulthood Independence
Shane Ania Louise Dela Cruz Ty Ethnic Studies Individual Interventions for Social Justice
Monica Vickers Environmental Economics and Policy Cost-benefit Analysis for Invasive Weed Control: The Case of Knotweed in Skagit County
Rachel Villarreal Forest Engineering Connection to the Land
Katie Wallace Finance Personal Ethical Action Plan
Giulia Ann Wood Ocean Sciences Determining Arctic krill spawning regions and impacts of warming on abundance and distribution


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Karla Aguilera American Studies Bless Me Ultima: The Soul of the Chicano Movement
Emily Bradley Animal Sciences Housing Chickens: How Much Space is Enough?
Jessica C. Brown Chemistry Synthesis and Characterization of Zeolite 5A
Emily Dozler Integrative Biology Medical research’s silent sufferers: Reasons to reduce animal testing
Joshua Dudley Sociology The Impact of Religious Affiliation and Race on Perceptions of Everyday Discrimination
Jordan Foos Philosophy Tyranny of the Herd: Nietzsche and Mill on Individuality
Helena Fournier History Genocide in Ukraine: The Holodomor in Archival Documents, Witness Testimony, and Contemporary Debate
Jynx Frederick Public Health- Health Promotion & Health Behavior Benton County Condom Distribution Program
Taylor Hulett Music Germaine Tailleferre: Love, Marriage, Infidelity, and Art Song
Celine Huynh BioResource Research Impact of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons on Barrier Function Toxicity in 3D Lung Model from Normal and Asthmatic Donor Cells
Sean Jim Mechanical Engineering Heavy-Payload Agriculture Drone: Imaging/Control
Jia Yi Li Electrical & Computer Engineering Research Implications Report for ECE Senior Design Capstone Project
Logan E. McCarthy Anthropology Rituals of Recovery
Andres Mendoza Geography & Geospatial Science From Cocoa to Crude Oil: The Troubled Export Economy of Ecuador
Tristen Myers Environmental Sciences Bald Hill Mapping Project Report
Katrina Ong Sustainability Reshaping Conventional Agriculture with Regenerative Agriculture
Richard Puro Math Equilibria of Wolves and Elk in Yosemite
Diego Rodriguez Psychology A Culturally Specific, Multi-Component Suicide Prevention Program for Adolescent American Indians on Reservations
Leslie D Rowe Digital Communication Arts Deepfake Detection and Education Key to Defending the Truth
Michael Sieler BioResource Research The Gut Microbiome Drives Benzo[a]pyrene’s Impact on Zebrafish Behavioral Development
Jacob Van de Lindt Physics Modeling the Fusion Reaction in an Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Reactor with the Particle-in-Cell Method
Monica Vickers Environmental Economics and Policy Benefits and costs of payments for environmental services in Morogoro, Tanzania
Rebekah Villanti English Defining the Novel by Conventions of Realism and Fictionality
Ryan Wells Agricultural Sciences Alternative Approach for Soil Sterilization in Strawberry Rootstock and Fruit Productions
Erin Zurbrugg

Human Development and Family Sciences

An Unexpected Journey: Finding Joy in Life’s Curveballs


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Eliza Adams Business "Personal Ethical Action Plan"
Tessa Barone Honors College "Just Go Find Yourself a Nice Alpha: Gender and Consent in Supernatural Fanfiction’s Alpha/Beta/Omega Universe"
Jenna Beyer Biochemistry and Biophysics "Probing the effects of post-translational modifications at a regulatory serine in LC8 using non-canonical amino acids”
Kate Brazelton Animal Sciences "What is the most ethical method of tail docking in lambs?"
Bailey Burk Microbiology "Soil solarization can improve agricultural yield by limiting growth of unwanted organisms and altering microbial diversity without use of soil fumigation"
Annie Cao Psychology "Physicians and Treating Addiction in Patients"
Jorie Casey Biochemistry and Molecular Biology "Regulatory Phosphorylation of LC8 Dimerization through Genetic Code Expansion"
Andrew Chione Fisheries and Wildlife "New discovery leads to a whole new meaning of “trash fish”"
Callie Daddario Agricultural Sciences "Expiration Date Education: A Movement to Decrease Food Waste"
Annie Dutchover Tourism, Recreation and Adventure Leadership "The Loving Embrace"
Rihana Louise Debler
Charisa Collyn Hohman
Breanna Wells-Tyrell
Human Development and Family Sciences Family Health and Wellness Grant Proposal
Brennan Douglas Physics "Chiral Topological Defects in Nematic Liquid Crystals and Classical Field Theories"
Alberto Gonzales Sustainability "Sustainability Assessment of Boise Firefighters IAFF Local 149"
Tyler Gustafson Agricultural Business Management "Alternative Policy Approaches to Pesticide Use"
Scott T. Harrington Religious Studies “Religion as a Common-Sense Category”
Addie Howell Speech Communication "Politics, Memes, and Culture Jamming: Meme Culture’s Potential to Engage Youth in Politics"
Macey Hsu Business "Personal Ethical Action Plan"
Chanti Manon-Ferguson Ethnic Studies "Learning Outcomes: Native American Assimilation and Activism"
Shreya Melkote Business "Personal Ethical Action Plan"
Hamza Molvi Business "Personal Ethical Action Plan"
Cocoro Andrew Nagasaka Chemistry

"Preparation and Characterization of Zeolite 5A: Analysis with PXRD, TGA, INAA, Porosimetry, and SEM-EDX"

Abigail Noel Nagel
Bradi Marie Van Atta
Human Development and Family Sciences "Northwest Buddies"
Benjamin Nicholas Honors College "Genetic and morphological evidence suggests cryptic speciation within Torrent Sculpin, Cottus rhotheus, across the Pacific Northwest"
Brianne Nordin Political Science "The Gender Wage Gap and Education"
Shannon Nicole Pastori Sociology "Does Knowing Someone Who has Taken Their Own Life Increase Support for Gun Control?”
Tony Penoyer Electrical and Computer Engineering "Mobile Pedestrian Target: Block Design Validation"
Elizabeth Puttman BioResource Research "Use of Platelet Rich Plasma for the Treatment of Subclinical Endometritis in Beef Heifers"
Rebekah Richardson Music "The Most Wonderful Letters: Leonard Bernstein’s Piano Anniversaries"
Jade Sentker Biology "Embryonic stem cell research: invaluable and ethical"
Danil Thorstensson Philosophy Final Paper
Marcus Trinidad Economics "Criming going off the rails: Examining the relationship between light rail stations and crime in Porland, OR"
Sara Tro Math "Comparing the Polynomial Chaos Debye Model to the Original Debye Model"
Sydney Kristine Wardan  BioHealth Sciences "Grant Proposal Prospectus: Hepatitis C Vaccine Study"
Trevor A. Whitaker Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering "Freeze Stage Analysis of an Indirect Freeze Desalination System"
Kirstin Yeomans Public Health “Screen Time: A Community-based HIV/AIDS Reduction Program in Multnomah County, based on PROMISE for HIP, an Evidence-based Intervention”
Peter T. Young History "The Lords of Longitude – How Social and Political Structures influenced the Longitude Problem"


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Joshua Lynn Akins Business "Personal Ethical Action Plan"
Dominique Willard Argyres Economics "The Effect of Medicaid Expansion on Substance Abuse-Related Mortalities, 2013-2016"
Jordyn C. Bateman Digital Communication Arts "Your Fast Fashion Purchases May Lead To a Serious Crisis"
Nico Conahan Graphic Design "Washington R*dskins - a Comparative Critique"
Lyndsey Dixon Agricultural Business Management "Alternative Public Policy Approaches to Childhood Obesity"
Lihani du Plessis History “A Monument to Jim Crow”: Post-War Racial Liberalism and the Battle Over the Booker T. Washington Black Veterans Hospital"
Brandon Farmer Math "Behavior of a Tall, Narrow Structure Modeled as an Inverted Pendulum During Earthquakes With and Without the Inclusion of Vertical Ground Acceleration"
Blaise Gilbride
Andrew Parmeter
Roger Rodriguez-Ortiz
Johnson Trieu
Engineering "Interactive Parts Storage System Project Specification"
Seth Gonzales Chemistry "Derivation of Halide Bond Lengths through Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy"
Joel Goodman Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering "Mars Rover Robotic Arm Design Proposal"
Karen C. Granados Public Health "A Socio-Ecological Suicide Prevention Program: Peer-To-Peers, adapted from Sources of Strength, an Evidence-based Program"
Reiden Gustafson Agricultural Sciences "Grant Proposal: PDX Resilience Farm"
Siena Marion Harris Finance "Challenge Paper 1"
Hannah C. Lea Psychology "ADHD Diagnoses and Prescription Rates of Methylphenidate among Children and Adolescents in the United States and Europe: Implications for Long-term Health Outcomes"
Christopher May Physics "Freezing a Softly Repulsive Fluid: Monte Carlo Methods and the Weeks--‐Chandler-‐Andersen Potential"
Jordan P. Pascua Kinesiology "What are you worth?  A case for pay-for-play in the NCAA"
Elena Ramirez Robles Ethnic Studies "Planting the Seeds to Establish the Roots"
Philip Michael Roe American Studies "We Hear You Now"
Mark Rubin Integrative Biology "GMOs are Safe: Why a Former Anti-GMO Activist Changed His Mind"
Holly Rysenga Animal Sciences "Implications of Psittacines as Pets"
Alexa Sakai Human Development and Family Sciences "Proposal to Fund the Sex Trafficking Education Program"
Annalise San Juan English "Nature Viewed Through the Male Gaze"
Rishi Seshadri Music "Personal, Musical, and Cultural: The Influence of Legacy, a Work-Concept, and Enlightenment Values in Haydn’s Late Oratorios"
Zibigniew Sikora Microbiology "Effects of solarization and water treatment on microbial communities in soil"
Eliza Wilmes Smith BioResource Research "A Survey of Small Farmers to Assess Interest in a Food Hub in Oregon’s Mid-Willamette Valley"
Danielle M. Stevens Biochemistry and Biophysics "Impacts of Tertiary Ligands in Catalysis in Thermostable Human Carbonic Anhydrase II by Site-directed Mutagenesis and Genetic Code Expansion"
Patrick Storment Political Science "The Impact of Religious Sympathy on Attitudes Toward Immigrants"
Erin Wever Environmental Economics and Policy "AEC 410 Internship Report - My summer with the OSU Extension Service - Marion County, Mid-Willamette Valley Small Farms Program"
Emily L. Wilcox Sociology "A Comparative Analysis of Black and White Subjective Social Class Identifications: Significance of Relationship for Income Level, Educational Level, and Occupational Type"


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Christopher Bahro Chemistry "Vibrational-Rotational Spectoscopey of HCl/DCl gas"
Caroline Brown
Tania Mendez
Human Development and Family Sciences "Malheur on the Move"
Jordan Coelho Microbiology "A Culture-independent Approach to Studying the Effects of Solarization on Soil Microbial Communities Using PRC and Illumina MiSeq"
Cody Cowdin
Brock Kocyan
David Stitch
Electrical and Computer Engineering "Project Summary: Smart Solar Disconnect"
Allison Daley Psychology "The Paradox of Facebook: Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Social Support Online and Face-to-Face"
Caitlyn Douglas Music Performance "Girl Power": A look at Eighteenth-Century Feminism in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro
Taona Elchibegashvili
Joshua Nejely
Mark Snyder
Chemical Engineering
Bio Engineering
Environmental Engineering
"Calcium Removal Project Report"
Makenzie Ellet Construction Engineering Management "Project Proposal: Multi-Use Facility"
Aneesa Field History "A New Outlook to an Ongoing Debate: Affirmative Action through the Lens of Asian Americans"
Patrick Thomas Flynn Math "Undecidability for Higher Dimensional Knots"
Zoe Kilmer Bioresource Research "Unprecedented Retreat of Columbia Glacier Relative to the Last Millennium"
Aiden Koll Sociology "Who Supports the Legalization of Marijuana? The Impact of Liberalism and Age on Attitudes Surrounding Legalization of Recreational Marijuana"
Hannah LaRue Public Health "A Multi-Level Intervention Program for Breast Cancer Self-Screenings and  Mammography Use in Native Alaskan Women"
Mady Liu Microbiology "The Effects of Antibacterial Soap on Human Health"
Claire McMorris Honors College "Corporate Oregon: A Narrative Study of Measure 97"
Jeremy Meinke Physics "Single-Molecule Analysis of a Novel Kinesin Motor Protein"
Ethan Palioca Bioenergy "Effect of Magnetic Field and Magnetite Nanoparticle on Power Production of Microbial Fuel Cells"
Jacob Parsons Crop and Soil Science "Our Bumblebees Are Disappearing: the Neonicotinoid Connection"
Ashley Price English "Goodness and Failure Defining Humanity"
Kendal Schwabrow Animal Sciences "Ethical Concerns of Animal Experimentation"
Amy Wyman Civil Engineering "Individual Design Report: Coast Guard Base for Galveston, Texas"
William Young Honors College "The Effects of UV Irradiation on the Biosorption of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles to Heterotrophic Biomass"
Rachel Zmolek Kinesiology "Exploring In-home Therapies to Increase Physical Activity for Children with Cerebral Palsy"


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Nicklaus R. Abdou
Harry Keisuke
Armando Kraynick
Civil and Construction Engineering "Gondar Site Development Project, Final Group Design Report V2.0"
Mudra Choudhury Bioresource Research "The Development and Application of a Systems Biology Approach to Mapping Monocyte Gene Regulatory Networks"
Brian Dougherty Bioresource Research "Biochar as a cover for dairy manure lagoons: reducing odor and gas emissions while capturing nutrients"
Alyssa Froman History, Philosophy, and Religion "Plutarch's Women: A Unique Perspective on the Value of Women in Ancient Rome"
Jennifer Green
Zachary Jones
Miranda Raper
Environmental Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Biological Engineering
"Calcium Removal for Increased Hydrolyzate Activity"
Jennifer Green Honors College "Transient Electron Donor Concentration Experiments for the Determination of Dehalogenation Rate and Kinetic Parameter Shifts in an Anaerobic Microbial Culture"
Breanna Hagerman Sociology "The Influence of Race and Gender on an Individual's Support for Reducing Income Inequality"
Lauren Henneford Animal and Rangeland Sciences "Is cosmetic tail surgery in dogs ethical?"
Michelle Koepke Economics "Standardized Testing"
Samuel Kowash Math "Solving the geodesic equation on the Poincaré and Klein disks"
Samuel Kowash Physics "The lag-luminosity correlation in time-resolved episodes of long gamma-ray bursts"
Alexandra (Lexie) Krueger Writing, Literature, and Film "Cardiovascular System Technical Description"
Danika Locey Music "Frauenliebe und Leben:  Robert Schumann's Self-Fulfilling Prophecy"
Sean K. Mackey American Studies "The Privileged and the Poor: Dialogical Journalism in Joe Sacco's Palestine"
Jenna Marie Proctor Honors College "The Great Hall:  A Story of Promise, Lost Opportunity, and the Value of the Liberal Arts"
Alyssa Rollins Social and Behavioral Health Sciences "Seventeen Days: A Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program for Hispanic Adolescent Females in Portland, Oregon"
Jason Sandwisch Chemistry "Radical Addition Polymerization and Characterization of Polymethylmetacrylate by GPC, DSC, and Viscometry"
Darian Taylor Seim Microbiology "Understanding the impact of orientation on gene expression of lux operon in pKN800 transformation into Escherichia coli DH5a"
Kendra Sherman Biological and Population Health Sciences "Strong Bones Start Young"
Amandip Singh Microbiology "Decaying Pig Body's Impact on Forest Soil Microbiota"
Natasha M. Smith Biochemistry and Biophysics "An Enzymatic Study of the Role of Tyr415 in Native Catalase HPII using the UAA Mutants: 3-CI-Tyr415 and 3-Br-Tyr415"
Justin Stangel Civil and Construction Engineering "Ethics in Construction Bidding"
B. Lauren Stoneburner History, Philosophy, and Religion "Trumpet of the Spirit, Bass of Faith: Jazz as a Cold War Spiritual Weapon"
Joshua Y. Zheng Psychological Sciences "Conveying Affect: Vocal vs. Nonverbal Cues"


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Alyssa Beamer Writing, Literature, and Film "Artistic Engineering"
Alexandra Joy Bonney Microbiology "Genome sequencing and annotation of Pseudomonas veronii isolated from Oregon State University soil and 16S rRNA characterization of Corvallis, OR soil microbial populations"
Jessica Cesar Crop and Soil Science "Fighting for Fruit:  IPM Strategies for Drosophila suzukii in Blueberry and Raspberry Production"
K. C. Clay History, Philosophy, and Religion "Emotions as Motivations for the Conquistadors"
Timothy Michael Chase Arts & Communications "The Development of Music Notation:  Notational Practices of the Middle Ages and How They Reveal a Changing Philosophy of Music"
Zoe Chrisman-Miller Psychological Sciences "The Effects of Adult Attachment on Exercise"
Alyssa Ekdahl
Jane Otero
Sara Seals
Chemical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Biological Engineering
"Ion Exchange System for Strontium Removal"
Christopher Heron Chemistry "Synthesis and Characterization of 4-Ethylbenzophenone"
Emily Jackson Geosciences "The Geologic Setting, History, Hazards, and Mitigation of the Mount Yake-Dake Volcano on Honshu Island, Japan"
Peter Kilgore Math "The Fano Plane as an Octonionic Multiplication Table"
Emily Kolodzy Design and Human Environment "Textile and Apparel Marketing Plan"
Crystal Kraft Social and Behavioral Health Sciences "Harper's Healing with Horse Therapy"
Amanda Leahy Design and Human Environment "Textile and Apparel Marketing Plan"
Heaven Le Roberts Animal and Rangeland Sciences "Ethical Concerns of Testing Toxins in Animals"
Claire Osterag-Hill Honors College "Differentiation of BHV-1 Isolates from Vaccine Virus by High-Resolution Melting Analysis and An Examination of the Interface Between Culture and the Global Prevalence of 
Michael Perlin Physics "Optimizing Monte Carlo simulation of the square-well fluid"
Christopher J. Ratcliff BioResource Research "Carbon Isotopes Show Snowpack Acts as a Valuable Moisture Subsidy to Mountain Forests in the Oregon Cascades"
B. Lauren Stoneburner History, Philosophy, and Religion "Aimee Semple McPherson and Writing the Faith into the Modern World"
Kodasha M. Thomas Social and Behavioral Health Sciences "Targeted Intervention to Reduce HIV Transmission-Atlanta, GA"
Jordon Walker Liberal Studies "Pragmatism, Walt Whitman, and Understanding"
Hannah Whitley Sociology "Support for Capital Punishment:  The Role of Parenthood and Suburbanism in Death Penalty Options"


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
James Amrhein
Olivia Girod
Adam Strength
Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering "Design of Express Line for High-Volume Products" (project sponsored by Sheldon Manufacturing)
Stefanie L. Baker
Madison Bertoch
Preston Pallante
Chemical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
"Ion Exchange System for Strontium Removal"
Jonathan Beskow Sociology "The Effect of Deviance on Solidarity"
Anne Dennon Writing, Literature, and Film "Social Perfection -- Lifestyle Blogs as (Non) Evolved Utopias"
Cory V. Gerlach BioResource Research "Mono-substituted isopropylated triaryl phosphate, a major component of Firemaster 550, is an AHR agonist that exhibits AHR-independent cardiotoxicity in zebrafish"
Joshua D. Hille
Christopher R. Nesler 
Jay B. Stevenson
Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering "Unified Medical Instrument Prototype Hardware" (project sponsored by UMI)
Courtney Hollingsworth Psychological Science "Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Adaptations and Effectiveness in Treating Various Populations"
Alysa Hughes Design and Human Environment "Pathways to Success:  The Impact of Narrative Branding Campaigns"
Annie H. Kersting Crop and Soil Science / Environmental Science "Imperialism for Breakfast"
Jacob K. Kollen Crop and Soil Science "Phosphate Rocks!"
Emily Mangan Animal and Rangeland Sciences "On the Ethics of Protein Production in Transgenic Animals"
Kevin C. Marks Geosciences "Affable Akutan - History and Hazards"
Samuel Alexander Mihelic Math "The Keep-Right-Except-To-Pass Rule"
Alexandria Mikesell Fisheries and Wildlife "The common skate: an unexpected degree of genetic diversity"
Zachary Moeller History "The Peach Platform: How Democrats Lost the 1864 Election"
Taylor M. Nowlin Microbiology "Pathogenic bacterial species detected on raw alfalfa sprouts"
Abigail Sage Honors College "Estimating Density of a Black Bear Population in Northeastern Oregon Using Dogs and Genetic Mark-Recapture Techniques"
Heather Elise Wilson Physics "Real time monitoring of chemical reactions with carbon nanotube field-effect transistors"


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Anthony C. Amsberry
Garrett D. Cogburn
Emily C. Flock
Biological Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
"Ion Exchange Project"
Madeline Benoit Animal & Rangeland Sciences "A comparison of penetrating captive bolt and halal slaughter at point of slaughter in cattle -- is slaughter by captive bolt more humane than halal style slaughter?"
Benedikt Bochtler
John Teeter
Robert Lee Helmer Thompson
Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering "Sand Mold Clamping: Final Report" (project sponsored by PCC Structurals)
Emily Cade Biochemistry and Biophysics "Intake of grape-derived polyphenols resuces C26 tumor growth by inhibiting angiogenesis and inducing apoptosis -- an analysis"
Tanida Chongvilaiwan 
Megan K. King 
Alexandria Lee Moseley
Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering "Oregon Freeze Dry Value Stream Mapping and Product Costing" (project sponsored by Oregon Freeze Dry)
Bryan Robert Cooper
Lucas Murphy Teeter 
Bettina Ruth Zimmer
Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering "Casting Filter Testing Apparatus: Final Report" (project sponsored by PCC Structurals)
Irene P. Cooper English / OSU Cascades "The Life of the Company: Chekhov's Borkin as Deconstructed Fool"
Courtney L. Darr Psychological Sciences "Investigating the Relationship between Affectionate Communication, Positive Emotions, and Prosocial Behavior"
Amber Fulkerson
Megan Hamblen
Holden Rennaker 
Samuel Son Yoo
Brett Voyles
Civil and Construction Engineering "Mt. St. Helens Sediment Management System"
Jordan Gerding Civil and Construction Engineering "Process Improvement Study for Brick-Laying"
Amy Harris Political Science / OSU Cascades "It's a Man's World"
Sona H. Hodaie Honors College "If you are holding this letter"
Alejandra Marquez Loza BioResource Research "Influences of an Anti-inflammatory Drug, Ibuprofen, on Spatial Memory and NMDA Receptor Subunit Expression During Aging"
Jordan Massie Fisheries and Wildlife "The salmon adipose fin: new evidence of a neural network implies functionality"
Allison Mermelstein Writing, Literature, and Film "Emblems of Paternity: Symbolic Objects to Star Wars and Sir Degare"
Thomas A. Pitts Math "Euclidean Tessellations and Regular Polygons in the Taxicab Plane"
Victoria Price History, Philosophy, and Religion, Honors College "Looking at Commoditization of Legal Services since the 1980's through U.S.-Japanese Agreements: The Position, Regulation, and Possible Effects of U.S. and Japanese Lawyers Abroad"
Amy R. Schermerhorn Microbiology "Pseudomonas species isolated from unpasteurized goat milk identified by polymerase chain reaction and DNA sequence analysis of bacterial ribosomal RNA genes"


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Deanna Amneus
Jessica Grace Cawley
Christina Raeanne Garrett
Rachel Odonna Hanna
Amanda Lynne Nelson 
Civil and Construction Engineering Not available
Alex Steven Brown
Jordan Richard
Mussche Reed
Eric James
Chase Wellington
Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering "Utilizing AICD technologies for tracking plants at Kraemer's Nursery"
Michael Brydone-Jack Psychology "The Relationship between Self-Enhancing Humor, Self-Compassion, and Emotional Traits"
Kayla Harr Writing, Literature and Film "Inconsistence of Internal and External Reality in 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock'"
Katherine Gilles-Rector Fisheries and Wildlife "Swimming Strategy of Ocean Sunfish"
Charlene R. Grossnicklaus Human Development and Family Sciences "Research Perspectives: The Role of Assessment in Early Childhood Education"
Suzie Gumm American Studies "Wild Abandon"
Christopher S. Hedstrom BioResource Research  "Pheromonemating disruption of fibertworm moth (Cydio Latiferreana) in commercial hazelnut orchards" (Herb Summers Memorial Scholarship Fund in the Foundation 01J3)
Michelle Janik Animal Science "Ethical Issues in Animal Sciences"
Lisa Kirkemo Biochemistry and Biophysics "Dietary and Genetic Evidence for Phosphate Toxicity Accelerating Mammalian Aging: an Analysis"
Margaret-Rose W. Leung Honors College "University Honors College Senior Thesis"
Claire Ranit Social and Behavioral Health Sciences "The Interplay of Accountable Care Organizations and Anti-trust Regulations"
Courtney Schild Arts and Communication "Contemporary Issues in Design"
Julie VanBlokland Sociology "Methods 1:  Research Design"


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
AnnaRose Adams Honors College "Response of reef fish assemblages to overgrowth of the hydrocoral Millepora complanata by the crutose alga Ramicrusta sp"
Hussain Albaghli
Eric Horbatiuk
Benjamin Lawton
Jeffrey Sublet
Travis Thonstad
Civil and Construction Engineering "Willamette Falls Locks Rehabilitation"
Bradley Converse
Danae Lincoln
Ben Weiss
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering "Life and drag measurement in a wind tunnel"
Kaitlin Eichelberger
Hayley Oveson
Nicole Shaw
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering "BMV (Bedside Medication Verification) Administration Process Plan"
Alexis Gianopoulous History "A Blind Eye: The United States and Operation Condor"
Raimie Hedman Liberal Arts "The Nature of Walls and the Gathering Power of Humanity"
Kristin Hogan Animal Sciences "What is the last painful method of dehorning and disbudding dairy cattle?"
Andrew Larkin Bioresource Research "Method development for extraction and purification of dermal RNA from FVB/N mice treated with environmental PAH mixtures"
Nicholas C. Lowery Biochemistry and Biophysics "Germ-free C57BL/6J mice are resistant to high-fat diet induced insulin resistance and have altered cholesterol metabolism-an analysis"
Pamela J. Lundeberg Psychology "Delivering the Male: The Effect of Stereotype Activation on Trait Inferences"
Jackie Morgon English "The Fall of Man in Everyman"
Ashley Nored Design and Human Environment "Urban Sprawl"
Elisa Rosenlund Public Health "Healthy Relationships Now and Forever (HRNF) -- program plan to prevent dating violence"
Bryce Siegel Fisheries and Wildlife "Sometimes Zero is More"
Krista Stangel Human Development and Family Sciences "Enhancing Social Skills of Students with Autism in the General Education Classroom"


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Richard Alves Honors College "Melee at the Edge of the Empire:  The Manifestation of the Reservation System in Southwest and Western Oregon 1850-1875"
Anthony Davies
Daniel Iliyn
Adam Jourdonnais
Andrew Kelley
Charles Williams
Civil and Construction Engineering "TRIP-II Industrial Development Planning -- Port of Portland"
Tegan H. Emerson Math "The golden coincidence?"
Kelly Fitzpatrick Business "Two memos"
Brad Franklin Psychology "Expanding on Exposure and Response Prevention in the Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder"
Mark Goracke Agricultural and Resource Economics "The Impact of Government Support Policies for Biofuel Production"
Margaret-Rose "Rosie" Leung Math "Non-lethal conservation strategies for red squirrels threatened by grey squirrels"
Sarah Lowery Liberal Studies "What do you make of Andrew Taslitz's critique, and of his suggested reforms, in Rape and the Culture of the Courtroom?"
Anna Narendra Sociology  Not available
Maria Quiroz Animal Sciences "Farrowing Crates: Our Farm Past and Future?"
Cassandra Rider English "Utopia and Facebook: Unsettling the Perception of an Ideal Arrangement"
Shayna Rogers Honors College "Twentieth Century Takings Jurisprudence: A Dual Expression of Classical Liberalism & Civic Republicanism"
Christopher Tischler Fisheries and Wildlife  "Effects of Altered Flow Regimes on Juvenile Salmon Survival and Migration Behavior in the Columbia River Basin"
Sara Trotman History "Comparative Analysis of Charles Darwin and James Watson"
Rebecca Veitch BioResource Research "Effects of Perfluorinated Compounds on GnRH Gene Expression in vitro"
Anna Vigeland Biochemistry and Biophysics "Histatins are the major wound-closure stimulating factors in human saliva as identified in a cell culture assay"
Abbey Wanzek Design and Human Environment "Grant Proposal: Abbey's Head Start Library"


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Brent Bodwell
Lindsay Higa
Fernando Macias
Ryan Ramsey
Kevin Severson
Civil and Construction Engineering "Alternatives Analysis -- Albany Transportation Center Improvements" (team project)
Aubrey Chi-Yun Leung Math "Competitive Exclusion and Coexistence in Competing Infections without Host Mortality"
Hanna McGuire Biochemistry and Biophysics "Inhibition of the intestinal glucose transporter GLUT2 by flavonoids"
Tawnya Redding Psychology "Greeting Styles and the Establishment of Rapport in a University Writing Center"
Ben Stiehl Design and Human Environment "The Remodeling Experience: A Study of Professional Relationships Between a Client and a Remodeling Contractor"
Antonea Widony Sociology "The Effects of Education and Race on Attitudes About Capital Punishment"
Josh Williams Fisheries and Wildlife "Retrospective Evaluation of the Effects of Introduced Goldfish on Life History of Endangered Pahrump Poolfish"


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Karen Barrese Math "Karen and Matthew in Triangle Town: An Exploration of Chinese Checker Geometry"
Jill Bartholomew
Jaime Junell
Brett Valenti
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering "Innovative Technology to Enhance Fine Motor Function"
Jennifer Bradley Design and Human Environment "The Impact of the Urban Growth Boundary on Portland, Oregon"
Manh (Mike) Cao Animal Sciences  "Should induced molting be banned in the U.S."
Miriam Chaudhary
Tristan Wagner
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering "Korvis Automation RCM Assembly and Test Project"
Sara Comstock Sociology "Varying Degrees: The effect of marital status on support for abortion, controlling for parenthood status"
Harold Cuffe Economics "Wealth Distribution and its Effects on Outward Foreign Direct Investment"
Elizabeth Dunfield Biochemistry and Biophysics "Hydrogen Sulfide Enhances Ulcer Healing In Rats"
Kyle Latimer Forest Engineering "Forest Engineering 450 Capstone Project"  
Kelly Mathews Sociology "Penalties from the Pews: How frequency of church attendance effects support for capital punishment among Protestants and Catholics, controlling for gender"
Katherine Parker Women Studies "Professionals or Victims: The Feminist Discourse on Prostitution and its Representation in Modern Culture as Examined in Law and Order: SVU"
Amy Seto Design and Human Environment "Radio Frequency Identification in the Retail Industry"
Noah Strycker Fisheries and Wildlife  "Issues in Natural Resources Conservation Biodiversity: The Endangered Species Act, Critical Habitat, and the Marbled Murrelet"
Stephen Summers English "A Reflection on the Artist in 'The Masque of the Red Death'"
Taralyn Tan Honors College  "Characterization of the Ovine Prolactin Promoter"
Maarika Teose Honors College  "The Effect of Temperature on the Survival of Chinook Eggs and Fry"


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Kristen Aagesen Math "Rational tangles and continued fractions"
Brett Blundon Fisheries and Wildlife  "Pheromone production and function in fishes"
Eric Brooks Biochemistry and Biophysics "The role of the nucleotide excision repair enzymes CSA and XPA in bulky DNA adduct removal in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)"
Zachary Alan Castro
Janelle Dunlap
Brandon Koida
Tram Thuy Le
Rebecca Mitchell
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering "Key Advantage Production Line Improvements at GE Security in Salem, OR"
Amanda Lea Comer
Kristina Gustin
Michelle Mullett
Kyle Zirschky
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering "Thermal Weed Seed Killer"
Bryan T. Cook English "Conceptions of Pleasure"
Amanda J. Deney Political Science "Critical Book Review - Akhil Reed Amar and Alan R. Hirsch, For the People:  What the Constitution Really Says about Your Rights"
"Critical Book Review - Adrienne Rich, On Lies, Secrets & Silence: Selected Prose, 1966-1978"
Erica A. Dietz Humanities "Faulkner and Picasso: How Modernism Demands the Thought Process of its Audience"
Katy Mullis Design and Human Environment "A SWOT Analysis of Walgreens in the Competitive Pharmacy Marketplace"
Mariah Parker-deFeniks Sociology  "The Interaction Effect of Socioeconomic Status Measures on the Correlated Attitude-Behavior Relationship"
Christie VanLaningham Honors College  "What Fools Call Crime: The Boundaries of the Pornographic imagination in Sade's La Philosophie Cans Le Boudoir"
Brendan Welsh Forest Engineering "Timber Plan for West of the Rockies"
Sarah Wiebenson Women Studies  "A Journey to Agnosticism"


Student Name Nominating Department Title of Paper
Calvin Hughes Sociology "A State of Crisis: Alcohol Use Among Oregon High School Students"
Shawn Majors Geosciences "Chemical Variability Comparisons of Springs and their Relationships to Local Lithologies"
Robyn Melton Political Science "A Woman's Role"
Eddie O'Donnell Biochemistry and Biophysics "Pathogenic mechanisms of cancer causing hMLH1 mutations"
Catherine Owens Agricultural and Resource Economics (Eastern Oregon University) "Assessing the Economic Impact of NRCS Programs on Baker County Oregon's Economy: A Proposal"
Danya Rumore Agricultural and Resource Economics "Agri-Environmental Policy: Greening Agriculture"
Sharon Sternadel Mathematics  "Circles in a One-Way Street Taxicab Model"
Margaret Jo Whiting Women Studies "Yanyun Zhao: A story of progress in China"