WIC Numbers for AY 2022-2023


Writing Intensive Courses are identified as a “high impact practice” by the AAC&U. The Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC) Program supported this high impact practice:

  • Total OSU Writing Intensive courses: 135


Faculty development supports teaching excellence in WIC and non-WIC classes, creating a culture of writing at OSU. The WIC program advanced faculty learning through several events:

  • The Fall Faculty Seminar enrolled 14 faculty representing 13 units across five colleges and three campuses (Cascades, Corvallis, and Ecampus).
  • Nine workshops were attended by a total of 155 faculty and graduate students.
    • Number of WIC students taught by faculty attendees at workshops = 2,387
    • Total OSU students (WIC and non-WIC) taught by faculty attendees at workshops = 20,812
  • Fifteen faculty worked on curricular and pedagogical improvements via individual WIC consultations.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research is identified as a “high impact practice.” The WIC program:

  • Recognized excellence in undergraduate research and writing by awarding WIC Culture of Writing awards to 28 students in 26 departments across six colleges.
  • Supported an undergraduate intern in doing research and writing for the WIC newsletter