Each of the following paired handouts and annotated bibliographies address an important topic in disciplinary writing instruction. Handouts offer a brief summary of the topic, highlight a few key definitions, and list recommended teaching practices. The annotated bibliographies provide an extended summary of the topic, outline more key definitions, and summarize relevant scholarship that supports the pedagogical recommendations. 

Antiracist Writing Pedagogy

This handout and annotated bibliography provide resources and teaching practices for faculty and others interested in antiracist teaching in writing across the disciplines. Because language is connected to race and racism, antiracist pedagogy is particularly important in writing courses. In recognition of the fact that all language varieties are linguistically equal, antiracist writing pedagogy strives toward linguistic justice, or the equal treatment of BIPOC and their language practices. 

Disability Studies and Inclusive Writing Pedagogies

This handout and annotated bibliography offer research-based teaching suggestions for faculty and others interested in inclusive and accessible writing pedagogies in the disciplines. A disability justice perspective asks that faculty both accommodate individual students’ needs and create courses that are accessible for as many students as possible, a practice referred to as universal design for learning (UDL). Pedagogies centering disability studies also encourage students to compose accessible texts for disciplinary and public audiences, as well as consider accessibility and disability in their writing.

Socially Just and Feminist Writing Pedagogies

This handout and bibliography highlight socially just pedagogical practices supported by research in writing studies and writing in the disciplines. Feminist studies is not (only) a movement against intersecting systems of oppression, but also an interdisciplinary approach to scholarship that challenges traditional modes of writing, producing knowledge, and teaching. Feminist pedagogies both invite students to engage with social justice and encourage the adoption of more equitable and just teaching practices. In the disciplines, socially just pedagogies emphasize the importance of opening disciplinary writing conventions up to critique.