Vicki Tolar Burton

Professor Tolar Burton directs the OSU Writing Intensive Curriculum Program and teaches courses in history of rhetoric, the teaching of writing, English grammar, British literature, and literary theory. Each summer she offers a writing workshop for fifteen thesis and dissertation writers across the curriculum.

She serves on the editorial board of Dialogue, A Journal for Writing Specialists and on the board of the International Writing Across the Curriculum Network.

She is the author of Spiritual Literacy in John Wesley’s Methodism: Reading, Writing, and Speaking to Believe (2008), published by Baylor University Press in the Rhetoric and Religion Series.

Her articles and chapters on the teaching of writing have appeared in Writing Across the Curriculum and the Academic Library, Most Excellent Differences: Essays on Using Type Theory in the English Classroom, Understanding Literacy: Personality Preference in Rhetorical and Psycholinguistic Context, Self-Assessment and Development in Writing, Kentucky English Bulletin (Fall 1999, Spring 2000), and Computers and Composition (Fall 2000). Her articles and chapters on eighteenth-century Methodist rhetoric have appeared in Rhetoric Review (Spring 1996), College English (May 1999), College Composition and Communication (May 2001), and in collections including, Listening to their Voices: The Rhetorical Activity of Historical Women, The Changing Tradition: Women in the History of Rhetoric, and Angels and Impudent Women: Women in Methodism.