As a student you are required to take a WIC course in your major, and each major has at least one WIC course. Some majors and options (tracks) within majors require a specific WIC course, and others allow you to choose.

Step 1: Find out which WIC courses will meet the WIC requirement for your major

  1. Go to
  2. Click on your major.
  3. If your major includes options, click on the option.
  4. Where you see "Overview" and "Requirements," click on Requirements:
  5. Search for courses with a carat (^) in front of the name. Any course whose name has a carat in front of it is a WIC course.

Step 2: Choose a WIC course

If your major/option has only one WIC course, your choice is easy -- you take that one.

If your major/option has more than one, you may fill the WIC requirement by taking any of the listed courses. If you are unsure about which is best for you, talk with your major professors and with your academic advisor.

Note: To find out who your academic advisor is, please see go to and choose your college. Each college page has a way to find your academic advisors, or to contact academic advising in that college.)

If more than one WIC course looks useful and interesting to you, you may take more than one.

Step 3: Find out when a WIC course is being offered

To find out when a WIC course will be offered:

  1. Go to the Class Search tool at
  2. Enter or select your major under Search Classes.
  3. Scroll down to the list under Baccalaureate Core, and check the box for Writing Intensive Curriculum.
  4. Click Search.